Rainy Filters Installation

To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of the "Rainy filters" kindly follow the installation steps carefully.

  • Step 1

    Keep the rooftop area clean

  • Step 2

    Inter conncet the down flow pipes and draw the line till the point of filter location.

  • Step 3

    Place the filter assembly on the wall bracket. Then pull the strap and hook up to the wall bracket.

  • Step 4

    Place the filter against the wall to spirit level as shown in the figure and mark the point to fix the wall bracket.

  • Step 5

    Drill the holes to the wall as per the marking.

  • Step 6

    Fix the wall bracket with anchor bolts and tighten the nuts correctly.

  • Step 7

    Fix the filters to the wall bracket through straps.

  • Step 8

    Set the direction of the filter inlet and outlet just by rotating to suit the pipe connection by hand.

  • Step 9

    Once the direction of the filter inlet and outlet pipe connections are set connect the down spout pipe to the inlet of the filter.

  • Step 10

    Fix 'L' angular clamps with 'U' bolts and anchor bolts with adjustable 'C' Clamps at inlet pipe.

  • Step 11

    1. Insert the bellow to the drain outlet with clips.
    2. Insert the pipe with elbow into the bellow.
  • Step 12

    Fix the 'L' angular clamps with 'U' Bolts and clips to sustain the weight of the drain.

  • Step 13

    Insert adapter bush to the clean water outlet.

  • Step 14

    Connect the delivery line to the sump/recharging well with necessary length of pipe and fixtures.

  • Step 15

    Remove the filter cap by rotating clockwise direction.

  • Step 16

    Insert the filter element inside the upper housing.

  • Step 17

    Lock the filter cap by rotating anticlockwise.

  • Step 18

    Completion of the filter installation.

Rainwater harvesting installation is simple just by following these steps one can easily install

"Rainy Filters".