Which filter is best for rain water harvesting?

Water scarcity is an increasing problem in the recent years, recently Bengaluru water crisis is gaining lot of attention. Residents of Bengaluru are facing a severe water crisis due to the depletion of groundwater and drying up of over 3000 borewells. Rain water harvesting is a solution for sustainable water management. In Rainwater harvesting system filter is one of the critical components because it ensures the collected rainwater is clean and safe for the various purposes. But there are various filter options available, choosing right filter is also a critical task. Let’s explore the world of rainwater harvesting filters and determine the best suited filters for your needs.

Importance of Rainwater harvesting:

Before exploring filter options, it is essential to understand why rainwater harvesting is important. Rainwater is a valuable resource that can be used for various purposes which includes both potable and non-potable purposes, we can reduce our dependency on the traditional water sources and municipal water supplies, to mitigate stormwater runoff which helps in preventing floods and erosion.

Factors to be considered while choosing a filter.

When choosing a filter for rainwater harvesting system, several factors should be considered in order to ensure optimal performance and reliability. According to your rooftop area and location find a suitable filter for your requirement, different filters have different maintenance requirements, including replacement, cleaning and system checks, Choose the filter that is suitable for your maintenance capabilities, choose the filter which have a minimal waste generation to reduce your carbon footprint.

Best Filters for Rainwater harvesting

Rainy Filters” are the open-ended filters which has auto-flush out features enabling self-cleaning with unique working principle. Depending on the rooftop area it has 5 different models which can be suitable for up to 5000 sq. ft of the rooftop area.

Key Features about “Rainy Filters”:

  • Rainy Filters are made with highly durable, food-grade material and have self-cleaning capabilities to auto-flush out debris.
  • These filters are also known as dual intensity filters, it works on cohesive and centrifugal force, which enables the filtering at variable intensity of rainfall without affecting the efficiency of the filter.
  • Rainy Filters works on gravitational force and does not require any external energy, with low gravitational head of just 1 foot makes it feasible for the installation on any building.
  • Due to its unique 360-degree union rotational capabilities makes the filters suitable for any site conditions. Can be easily wall mounted, easy to install with easy-to-understand instructions makes it user friendly.
  • Various models of filters are available to suit the rooftop areas ranging from 110 sqm to 500 sqm.
  • Rainy filters have no moving parts, elimination wear and tear. This makes them long lasting with only one-time economical purchase cost.


  • The harvested rainwater can be used for the various applications such as:


  1. It can be directly connected to your sump.
  2. To recharge your borewells.
  3. Recharging the borewell by connecting the filtered water directly into the casing pipe if the rooftop area is less than 200 sq.mts.
  4. Recharging the borewell through v-wire injection well technology if the rooftop area is more than 200 sq.mts.


Rainwater harvesting offers a sustainable solution to water scarcity, especially in the regions facing the severe water crisis like Bengaluru. By harnessing rainwater, we can reduce our dependency on the other water resources. However, choosing the right filter is essential to ensure the collected rainwater is clean and safe for the various applications. Among the group of filter options available, “Rainy Filters” emerges as a standout choice. With their innovative design and self-cleaning capabilities, Rainy filters offers efficient filtration without the need of external energy. Their durability and user-friendliness and versatility makes them a ideal choice for rainwater harvesting system. So, what are you waiting for if you are interested in rainwater harvesting choose “Rainy Filters” for the better performance. Contact us for more information on “Rainy filters”.

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