Step by Step guide to install Rainy Filters


Rainy Filters” are the rooftop rainwater harvesting filters that removes all the dust and debris that comes along with the rainwater from the rooftop area. The filter assembly is an open drain system, it does not allow the stagnation of water and solid particles, so there is no need of regular maintenance. The filter has self-cleaning capabilities with no external source of energy is required, because the filter works on gravitational force. Rainy filters are versatile and can be wall-mounted easily, the filter pipe connections can be turned 360 degrees allowing it to suit any site conditions, these filters do not have moving parts, therefore no wear and tear of the filter occurs allowing the long-life span. Rainy Filters are easy to install and can be easily installed by any local plumber. Further let’s explore the process of installing Rainy filters.

Steps for rainwater harvesting system installation
Filter installation - Instruction

1. The rooftop area must be maintained clean.

2. Identify the down take pipes, interconnect and draw the line till the point of the filter location.
3. Place the filter assembly on the wall bracket. Then pull the strap and hook up to the wall bracket.
4. Place the filter against the wall to the spirit level and mark the points to fix the wall bracket.
5. Drill the holes to the wall as per the marking, Fix the wall bracket with the anchor bolts and tighten the nuts correctly.
6. Fix the filters to the wall bracket through straps. Set the direction of the filter inlet and outlet just by rotating to suit the pipe connection by hand.

Rainwater inlet connection

1. Once the direction of the filter inlet and outlet pipe connections are set connect the down
spout pipe to the inlet of the filter.
2. Fix ‘L’ angular clamps with ‘U’ bolts and anchor bolts with the adjustable ‘C’ clamps at inlet

Drain Outlet Connection

1. Insert the bellow to the drain outlet with clips, insert the pipe with elbow into the bellow.
2. Fix the ‘L’ angular clamps with ‘U’ Bolts and clips to sustain the weight of the drain.

Delivery line Connection

1. Insert the adapter bush to the clean water outlet.
2. Connect the delivery line to the sump/ recharging well with the necessary length of pipe and
3. Remove the filter cap by rotating clockwise direction.
4. Insert the filter element inside the upper housing.
5. Lock the filter cap by rotating anticlockwise.


Installing Rainy Filters for the rainwater harvesting is a simple and straight forward process. By following the step-by-step guide as described above, you can efficiently install Rainy Filters and ensure the effective filtration of the rainwater from your rooftop. These filters offer several
advantages, including self-cleaning capabilities and easy maintenance, making them a practical choice for any household or the commercial property. Rainy Filters play a crucial role in rainwater harvesting systems by removing debris and pollutants, by providing clean water for various purposes. They are easy to install and durable making them a dependable solution for sustainable water management.

By incorporating Rainy Filters into your rainwater harvesting system, you can contribute for the sustainable environment ensuring the
access for clean water for your needs. With the detailed installation process above you can start your journey towards rainwater harvesting efficiently and responsibly, making a positive impact on both the environment and your water supply.

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Need service assistance
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